Scarcity mentality;

  • There will never be enough;
  • Believes the pie is shrinking;
  • Competes to stay on top;
  • Seeks attention, me mentality;
  • Hoardes things from others
  • You have to lose, if I am to succeed;
  • Will not share knowledge;
  • Will not offer help to others;
  • Secretly hopes others fail;
  • Suspicious of others;
  • Exclusion;
  • Promotes only self and accomplishments;
  • Afraid of being replaced;
  • Thinks small and avoids risks;
  • Fears change.

Abundance mentality:

  • There will always be more;
  • Believes the pie is growing;
  • Let me help you, as you grow, I grow;
  • Collaborates to stay on top;
  • If I succeed and you succeed, we all succeed;
  • Shares knowledge;
  • Gives attention;
  • Want others to succeed;
  • Freely offers help to others;
  • Inclusion;
  • Promotes others and their accomplishments;
  • Strives to grow;
  • Believes the best is yet to come;
  • Does not seek to control, but to empower.


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