Empty mountain road to upcoming 2017 at sunset

2016 has to be one of the most difficult years for years me. Some of the things I wouldn’t have predicted, for instance, I wouldn’t have predicted the passing of my father on 12 November.

But I still have the confidence to predict the following events will happen in 2017:

  • An event will happen that will surprise, confound and ultimately bore the pundits.
  • Out of the corner of your eye, you will notice something new that will delight you.
  • You will be criticised for work you have done, even though it was not made for the person who didn’t like it.
  • Something obvious will become obvious. Someone will do something that you have always thought of doing and you will blame them for stealing your idea.
  • Some pop culture thing or something fashionable will become the thing that everyone is talking about, distracting us from the actually important work at hand.
  • Your proposal will be rejected, you will be told we don’t have a budget or we a service provider we have contracted to already.
  • Despite all the challenges, you will continue to hope even when it is easy to give up.

  • You will continue to spend more hours and hours on social, neglecting your art, your passion, doing work that matters.
  • Through wheeling and dealing, some people will get rich, and more and more millions of poor people will be left behind.
  • There will be more talk and less work that matters.
  • You will gain new leverage and the ability to make even more of a difference.
  • That thing that everyone was afraid of won’t come to pass.
  • You will get that promotion, that raise, and you will be happy.
  • You will continue to consume more and produce less. You will buy more and better clothes, a bigger car, or that bigger house, and your debt will be more as well.
  • Some people will gain (temporary) power by ostracizing the other, amplifying our fears and racing to the bottom.
  • You will continue to amass material things, cluttering not only your space, but your soul as well.

  • And the long-term trend toward connection, dignity and possibility will continue. Slowly.
  • Opportunities will be missed. Lessons will be learned.
  • You will say or write something that will shine a light, open a door and make a connection.
  • You will do work that matters, work that touches a few people for the better.

  • Nothing will be as perfect as we imagined it. Many things will be better than that, though.
  • Leaps will be taken.
  • You will exceed expectations.
  • The project you have been working on will begin to pay off in unexpected ways, if you are open to seeing them.
  • You will start something. And quit something.
  • That project you have been working on for the past two years will come to fruition, because of your resilience and hard work.
  • That expensive habit that you don’t even enjoy that much will continue to be expensive.

  • We will forget some hard lessons but we will also learn some new ones.

A pretty safe prediction list, because, of course, this always happens.

Ps: One thing from the passing of my father is that the journey is by itself the reward. Enjoy each step of the life’s journey, enjoy the moment, be hopeful and continue doing work that matters, because it matters, and you matter.

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