More vs. Better: Our temptation


The temptation is to always seek to do more of the same than better of the same.

We define hard work as doing more.

It is easier to measure more [number of billable hours, quantities produced, more books written, more gigs performed] than it is to measure better, how do you measure better?

The easiest form of management is to encourage or demand that people do more.

The other translation of this phrase is to go faster, produce more, bill more.

The most important and difficult form of management [verging on leadership] is to encourage people to do better.

Better is trickier than more because people have trouble visualizing themselves doing better. It is easier to visualize doing more.

Doing better requires education and coaching and patience to create a team of people who are better.

Better and impactful book, better gig, better and quality time spent, better friend, better connection.

Less material things, but few better things.


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