The Starter


For each person who cares enough to make something, who is bold enough to deliver it, who is generous enough to say, “here, I made this, what do you think…?”

There is one person who say, “Why are you doing it this way?” or

Thee are two people who say, “Why are you inviting them instead of us?”

There are ten people who say, “I could have done it better.”

A hundred people who say, “Who are you to do this?”

A thousand people who say, “I was just about to do that,”

and ten thousand people who don’t care at all.

And all of that is okay, because the person we need, the one we cherish, the one we would miss, is the first person, the starter, the initiator, the one who cares.

Thanks for starting and delivering your work, your art.


3 thoughts on “The Starter

  1. Starting is the most difficult for me. There is lots of second-guessing and procrastinating. I guess I am afraid of failure. There is no recipe for success. And there is no success without starting. I need to remind myself of that all the time.

    1. Starting is always a challenge, but I always remind myself that it’s better to start something, even if it fails, than to live with the regret of always wondering how it would have turned out 🙂

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