Everyone is lonely


“Mma, as most wives do, outlived Papa and lived as a widow for nearly a decade. She was visibly depressed and lonely. She never complained except to her childhood friend, Peggy Modise – Koko Peggy, as we called, that she was lonely.” – Excerpt from Dikgang Moseneke’s book, My Own Liberator.

Everyone gets lonely sometimes, even people in relationships or in crowds.

People spend money and join organisations, spend hours on social networks and invest time and enormous energy to solve this problem of being lonely. Every day.

The next time you feel lonely, disconnected or unappreciated, consider that unlike many other diseases, this one hits everyone.

And unlike other challenges, this one is easily overcome by realising that you can cure the problem by connecting, appreciating and leading.

The minute we realise that the person sitting next to us needs us, we are able to extinguish their aloneness as well as ours.

When you shine a light, both of you can see better.




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