Marketing thought-leader Seth Godin talks about “People Like Us” in his book Tribes.

Seth reflected, “People like us do things like this” to represent the idea of how marketing needs to be done.

Consumers like to be around people that do things that they like to do. 

This is partly why when you buy online, when you checkout, there is always the suggestion at the bottom, that people who bought what you just bought also bought the following things. People like you, buy things like this.

People like us do things like this, go to places like this, read books like this, like movies like this.

People like us is what drives a group to support Kaizer Chiefs and another to support Mamelodi Sundowns because we like different things in soccer.

People like us like to wear red beret, or black, green and gold, or blue beret.

People like us prefer reading at home than going out to crowded places on Friday evenings.

People like us like touring townships and meeting locals

People like us are crazy about ideas that spread.

People like us greet the tea-lady, or janitor at work and genuinely ask them how are they doing.

People like us listen to Miles Davis, David Benoit and Nduduzo Makhathini.

People like us go to fancy restaurant on Thursday evenings.

People like us do work that matters.

Your job as an entrepreneur is not to sell everything to everybody, but to look for people like us, who like to buy things you are selling.

Don’t look for the masses, but look for people like us.

When marketing your startup, try talk to people who want to listen to you instead of disturbing strangers with your advertising message.

Look for people like us who do things like this.


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