People Like Us: And those who don’t like us


Critics are always wrong about “Everyone,” but they are entitled to their opinions.

The worst sort of critic is the one that will say “I didn’t like, therefore no one will like it.”

No one is going to buy this product, it is classes.

The critic says, “This play was terrible,” when she means, “I didn’t like the play, but you might.”

The critic says, “This book will never sell,” when she means, “People who have the same taste as I won’t buy this book.”

Universalising negative feedback takes the pressure off the critic. The critic is putting the blame back on you instead of taking responsibility for her opinion.

What we know is that not everyone will buy your offering, not everyone will accept your proposal, not everyone will go crazy on your product.

But what we also know is that not everyone will reject you, not everyone will say no to your proposal.

You task is to find people who will say yes.

Ps: Not everyone who critiques you is a hater, some people might be telling you the truth you need to hear. When you have no critics, you will likely not succeed. It is always better when the criticism comes from people like us.

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