Often when I get the opportunity to talk to startups entrepreneurs, I always advice them that since they don’t have a big marketing budget, they will have to be very clever about how they use their limited resources.

This means that instead of adopting the traditional industrial mindset of marketing with big flyers, billboards etc, they adopt the approach of creating a group of like-minded customers.

Change starts with a small group, innovators and early adopters. The majority follows.

It is better to talk to people who want to listen to you, than printing 1000 flyers, distributing them to strangers and hope to get some customers.

The approach is look for a group of like minded potential customers.

Once you are able to say “people like us do things like this” then you have found a tribe.

People like doing what other people in their cohort are doing

Tell a story that resonates with the person you are telling it to & it has to be true.

We doubt ourselves sometimes, we let our fear take over, but when realise that we are not alone who feel this way, it becomes easier to feel in company of people like us who do things like this.

Ignore the ‘normal’ and embrace the weirdos. It’s the weird people who do things first.

They are the early adopters, the people who create trends, the individuals who find strange and innovative tribes to be a part of – especially in using disruptive ideas like Uber and AirBnB.

It’s easy to roll your eyes and say what I’m talking about is not real. But all the stuff that is real, the real boring stuff, has already been done and it is not working like it used to.

Don’t look for average clients for average products.

Being “reasonable” means lowering your standards, doing what everyone expects you to do, living an average life. Be unreasonable.

If you stop trying to make average stuff for average people, it opens all sorts of different doors about what you ought to be doing all day.

If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo, never let them go.

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