Who Cares?


“Just because you made a product doesn’t mean we care.”

“Just because you made with offering doesn’t mean we have to buy from you.”

This is one of the many heartbreaks of entrepreneurship.

You toil and sacrifice and expose your yourself, and yet you hear, ‘Someone cares, perhaps, but not us.”

You work so hard to curate this product, and no one buys the tickets except your friends and family.

Rejection says something about the critic, but not about you.

Perhaps it means you chose the wrong audience. And yes, perhaps, if you have exhausted all possible audience, it means that you need to make a better product.

I’m walking a fine line here, and I know it.

I’m suggesting that the masses are not your audience, a weird segment of the population is.

But at the same time, just because you think you are brilliant, or you have sacrificed, or you have faced down your fear, this doesn’t guarantee that you have made anything good.

Your effort is rarely correlated with how much the audience cares.

The eye of the needle here is small indeed. Your puzzle is to find an idea or a product or an interaction that touches the right person, in the right way, at precisely the right moment.

The puzzle is to find people like us who do things like this.

There is always someone who cares for you, for what you do, for your mission, without your knowledge.

Connect to people who care, not everyone will care, but those who matter will.

Ps: Once you find those who care, do your best to deliver the best you have. You owe it to them because they believe and care for you.

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