StartUp Tip #1: Storytelling


It is about storytelling, a story about the value you create for people.

There is art and science to marketing.

The science of marketing refers to courses, books and consultants who assists with marketing tools [4-P’s, market segmentation etc]

The art of marketing refers to amongst others the story you tell.

People connect remember stories than facts and figures.

However no matter the execution, if the story does not resonate with the tribe you are connecting with there will be no transfer of emotion. They will feel nothing, they won’t respond, they won’t care, and you will be ignored.

Perhaps this happens when we try market to the masses instead of selecting our tribe.

Great stories succeed because they are able to capture the imagination of large or important audiences therefore creating a tribe of customer.

It’s great stories that people like us do things like this are attracted to.

A great story is true. Not necessarily because it is factual, but because it’s consistent and authentic. Consumers are too good at sniffing out inconsistencies for a marketer to get away with a story that’s just slapped on.

When you are remarkable, people talk about you. They tell your story and it spreads amongst your tribe.

When you are remarkable, more people want you. The more remarkable you are, the more you can charge.

It’s not you that needs to be remarkable. It’s the story of your product, or your startup.

By all means have your 4 Ps, but more important is your story.

What is your story?

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