Dear Entrepreneur…


Rejection will form a big part of your business life, learn to deal with it.

The question is not whether you will be rejected, but when.

Your application will be rejected, some organisations will not even have the decency to send you a reject letter, they will just keep quiet and not respond and you will have to read between the lines.

Developing a thick a skin is a necessary part of the journey.

If you crumble every time you are rejected, you may have a long way to go, entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted.

It is a myth that everybody will say yes to you, it is also a myth that everybody will say no to you. Your job is to look for those who will say yes.

When someone does not say yes, they will often give you a reason.

A common trap: Believe the reason.

If you start rebuilding your product, your pitch and your business based on the stated reason, you are driving by looking in the rear view mirror.

The people who turn you down have a reason, but they are almost certainly not telling you why.

Fake reasons: I don’t like the color, it is too expensive, you don’t have enough references, there was a typo in your resume.

Real reasons: My boss won’t let me, I don’t trust you, I’m afraid of change.

By all means, make your stuff better.

More important, focus on the unstated reasons that drive most rejections.

And most important:

Shun the non-believers and sell to people who want to go on a journey with you, you owe it to them to give your best shot.


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