You are an entrepreneur if… Holidays are a complete waste of your day



What holiday?

Do I have to take one?

The problem with the holiday is that it takes me away from my business. But I can take my laptop or tablet and once in a while connect and check things out, and then maybe we can take the holiday.

The problem is that if you have a family, the holiday is really about them than it is about you.

Public holidays tend to break the rhythm in your business. You are not able to bill for work, you are not able to get paid on time because the client is on holiday.

Holidays are great for employees, because they get to take a break away from work.

For entrepreneurs holidays means your business revenue reduces because you have less days of work, but your expenses [rent, salaries] remains the same.

As an entrepreneur you take holidays during your business off-peak season.

If you work hard and late on Friday, work throughout the night on Saturday, you can afford to take it easy on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your work pattern is different.

The reason why you are an entrepreneur is because you are able to set your own hours and work during the days you are more productive. Therefore taking holidays occurs on an ad-hock basis.

You take leave when you feel that you have earned it. And even during that leave, you always keep in touch with staff to ensure sure that everything is going according to plan.

Yes it is important to rest and celebrate public holidays, how I wish salaries and monthly business expenses [monthly rent and salaries] could also rest and celebrate holidays.

For now, sorry we are closed, it is a holiday. Happy holidays.


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