Appeal first to your customer’s heart and you will have a customer for life.

We live in a product flogging world.

Products are pushed at us. Technology rains down on us through mass communications.

We are bombarded with adverts, billboards, tweets, text messages, tv ads, newspaper ads, everywhere you look is adverts.

Rather than push features, technology and price, appeal to the customer’s heart more.

The beginning is “heart work,” not “head work.”

So much of the job is more emotion, and “heart work” than it is “head work.”

The head comes in after, to look at what the heart has presented and to organise it.

But the initial inspiration  comes from a different place, and it’s not the head, and it’s not an intellectual activity.

Treating people with respect is the best way to earn their attention.

The same applies to your team.

You should treat your team the same way you treat your customers. Respect, attention to detail, & always willing to go above & beyond.


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