StartUp Tip #20: Be addicted to books


Entrepreneurship is a journey of personal mastery.

One never arrives at being an all knowing entrepreneur.  It is a continuous process of living and learning.

One of the best ways to tackle any journey of mastery is to read daily.

Read anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Be addicted to books, carry a book with you everywhere you go.

Day in and day out, read book that will deepen your understanding of yourself, and read business like self-help books or business blogs.

And most importantly applying that new found knowledge to your efforts.

It is  ridiculous to think of going to a book group meeting and opining about a book you did not even read.

More rude: Going to a PhD seminar and participating in the discussion without reading the book first.

And of course, no one wants a doctor operating on them if she has not read the latest journal article on this particular procedure.

If we say leaders are reader, then it makes no sense to me to vote for a candidate who doesn’t care enough to have read (and understood) the history of those that came before.

What is on your reading list?

The reading is not merely a book, of course.

The reading is what we call it when you do the difficult work of learning to think with the best, to stay caught up, to understand.

The reading exposes you to the state of the art.

The reading increases your confidence.

The reading feeds your mind & soul.

The reading helps you follow a thought-through line of reasoning and agree, or even better, challenge it.

The reading equips you with the goods you need to serve someone else [Knowledge, wisdom, ideas, and solutions]

The reading gives you a distinct advantage over non-readers.

The reading gives you more influence, because they have more answers.

The reading expands your horizons.

The reading increases your value in relationships.

The reading keeps you away from

The reading increases your lifespan.

The reading takes effort.

You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.

Stay curious and involved, commit to lifelong of reading and learning.

If you haven’t done the reading, why expect to be treated as a professional or a leader?





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