StartUp Tip #29: As a leader, don’t hog the space


Cincinnatus was an emperor in the Roman Empire. Cincinnati, the city, is named after him because he was a big idol of George Washington.

Cincinnatus is a great example of successful leadership because he was asked to reluctantly step into power and become the emperor and to help, because Rome was about to get annihilated by all the wars and battles.

He was a farmer. Powerful guy.

He went and took on the challenge, took over Rome, took over the army, and won the war.

After they won the war, he felt he had done his mission and was asked to go and be the emperor, and he gave the ring back and went back to farming.

He didn’t only do this once. He did it twice.

When they tried to overthrow the empire from within, they asked him back and he came back.

He cleaned up the mess through great, great leadership.

He had tremendous leadership quality in bringing people together.

And again, he gave the ring back and went back to farming.

Leaders are aware that it is not about them.

It is about their people.

If you are conscious more about yourself instead of the people you are leading, then you are not ready to lead.

Leaders are more concerned about the well-being of their followers.

They are aware that their job is about people, not about them.

If you are constantly thinking about you, your position, your status, your looks, your self-consciousness, you are not ready to lead.

Once you let go of your self-consciousness and start obsessing about others, you are likely to champion and be the champion of your followers.

It is about them.

Being generous can mean sharing your feedback, your knowledge, and your credit with people, but most importantly, it can mean the difference between a good leader and a great one.

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