StartUp Tip #32: “Here, I made this”…


Deliver before you are ready, because you will never be ready.

Ready implies you know it is going to work, and you can’t know that.

Waiting to be ready is hiding.

My approach has always been, start and deliver it now and improve it as you go.

You should deliver when you are prepared, when it’s time to show your work, but not a minute later.

The purpose is not to please the critics.

The purpose is to make your work better.

Polish with your peers, your true fans, the market. Because when we polish together, we make better work.

“Here, I made this,”…

The more we say these words, and mean them, and deliver on them, the more art and connection we create.

The cost of being wrong is way less than the cost of doing nothing because you are waiting for perfect.

Startup entrepreneurs tend to plan, plan and plan for perfection. This delays delivery, and progress.

Ultimately you find reasons why it won’t work and end up not delivering. This is the danger of analysis paralysis.

“Here, I made this,”…

Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Vulnerable is the only way we can feel when we truly share the art we have made.

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