StartUp Tip #47: Do work that matters


In a country where entrepreneurship is defined as hustling, building legacies, making money, success is defined as making lots of money.

When Rendani Mamphiswana from Takalani Foundation decides to use his time to raise funds not for himself but for university students to pay their study fees, he may not be defined as a hustler.

But Rendani and his team are an elite group of people doing work that matters, work that changes other’s lives, work that touches and connects.

Doing work that matters is beyond just making profit.

When you do work that matters, the crowd will call you a fool.

If you do something remarkable, something new and something important, not everyone will understand it (at first).

Your work is for someone, not everyone.

Unless you are surrounded only by someones, you will almost certainly encounter everyone. And when you do, they will jeer.

That is how you will know you might be onto something.

Change does not comes from the masses. The masses by definition are followers.

Changes comes from a small group of elites. 

Go ahead and make something for the elites. Not the elites of class or wealth, but the elites of curiosity, passion and taste. Every great thing ever created was created by and for this group.



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