StartUp Tip #50: What if Gutenberg didn’t invent the printing press?


When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, 93% of people could not read.

He created the printing press when only 7% of people knew how to read.

“Not a good time to invent the book!” would be typical response.

Gutenberg should’ve waited until Exclusive Books was up and running to launch the book!” would be another typical response.

Gutenberg could have easily said, people can’t read and therefore there is no need to invent a printing press to unleash the mass production of books.

David Kau could have easily said comedy is not something that appeals to South Africans, so there is no need to do comedy.

Today, books make it easy to learn to read, write, share ideas, storytelling and creating cultures.

Each of the Blacks Only Comedy shows are sold-out events each year.

Creating an industry means seeing things that the masses don’t see.

Are you creating an industry or are you following?

Are you fitting in or standing out?


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