I believe marketing is the work an organisation or person does when they tell a story that resonates with us.

Marketing is the product we make, the service we offer or the life we live.


Marketing [the use of time and money to create a story and spread it] works.

Human beings don’t make rational decisions, they make emotional ones, and we have seen time and again that those decisions are influenced by the time and money spent by marketers.

As a startup entrepreneur, here are two choices to marketing:

  • Do you seek to push to the world an idea that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, that is not true or valid, but you can trick people into buying from you. This is sort of negative way to approach marketing.
  • Or do you build an organisation, build a life and build a career, where when someone knew the truth about your and your business, they will want to work with us. This too is also marketing.

The question you have to ask yourself going forward is:

Will you choose the ethical marketing, that does not involve yelling and manipulating people, seeking attention, or networking your way to the top, spamming people, and lying.

But instead involves weaving a story that resonates to a small group of people, and doing work that matters.

The fact of the matter is that weather or not you choose to be a marketer, you are one.

We are responsible for what we sell and how we sell it. We are responsible for the effects (and the side effects) of our actions.

It is our decision. Whatever the decision is, you need to own it.

If you can’t look that decision in the mirror, market something else.



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