StartUp Tip #88: Focus on what matters


I read many books as I set about trying to become a better, more effective entrepreneur and manager.

Some books are life-changing while others seemed more harmful than helpful.

One of the more harmful advices I always come across is that of “focus, focus, focus.”

When people hear it, they nod their heads in agreement.

I agree that it is better to do a few things really well rather than loads poorly.

Focus is important, but on what?

The key question and advice is not to focus but… to focus on what?

What is a more important question to ask is how do I figure out where to focus and what to focus on, or how to apply your energy to it.

It is the what you focus on that’s more important.

Focusing on the wrong thing, perpetuates the problem.

Once you have identified the right thing to focus on…. then focus, focus, focus.

Focus on things that matter and you can control, then you will matter.


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