The importance of basing decisions on firsthand understanding of customers is one of the core principles that underlies Toyota Production System.

At Toyota, this goes by the Japanese term genchi genbutsu.

In english, it is usually translated as a directive to “go and see for yourself” so that your decisions can be based on deep first-hand.

It suggests that in order to truly understand a situation one needs to go to genba (現場) or, the “real place” – where work is done.

You cannot be sure you really understand any part of any business problem unless you go and see for yourself firsthand.

It is unacceptable to take anything for granted or to rely on the reports of others.

Entrepreneurs are not made in the classroom.

Having an MBA in Entrepreneurship doesn’t make you an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are made in the art of action.

Having an idea is or academic papers one thing, but starting a business is another.

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