StartUp Tip #97: Why ask why?


The secret to creativity is curiosity.

We often forget to teach kids to be curious.

A student who has no perceived math ability, or can’t write properly or the inability to sit still for five minutes gets immediate and escalating attention.

We call these kids, problem kids, we even invented medical terms with medication that these kids should be on.

The student with no curiosity, on the other hand, is no problem at all. He is easily managed.

Keep quiet, don’t ask questions, don’t break anything are the teacher’s favourite because they are easy to manage. They are obedient, you see.

We ask the obedient to write a list of noise-makers in class. The “not-curious” to police the curious.

Same thing is true for most of the people we hire.

We would like them to follow instructions, not ask questions, not question the status quo. Be obedient, and just do as they are told.

These are the boss’s favourite, they get promoted quicker, because I know, says the boss, when I’m not there, things will go as usual. Nothing broken… and nothing improved.

At work, we adopt the attitude that says:

Don’t touch it, you will break it,

Instead of:

Touch it and make it better.

Yet, without “why?” there can be no: “here is how to make it better.”

The future belongs to the curios ones. The ones who are not afraid to try it, to explore it, poke at it, question it, turn it inside out.

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