Television probably ruins more minds than drugs.

TV is an escape.

An escape from being responsible, from the world, from creativity and into the arms of fear.

It is easy to fall in and keep tumbling down that hill, watch the next show and the next and the next and get some laughs in and be entertained and then it is 11pm and you have to get to bed.

I have to get back on my computer at 11pm and do the work I didn’t do because I was watching TV.

And the quality is less because I am tired and really just want to go to bed like everyone else.

I believe we can watch TV, but in moderation.

Doing things in moderation makes them manageable and it creates a track record or habit.

I may not have been working during that TV time but I sure could have been doing something to benefit me rather than laying on the couch zoning out while binging on series TV.

Take an hour of time that you would have watched TV and do something to better yourself. 

Here is my challenge to you: stop watching TV for an hour a day and try doing the following:

  • Read;
  • Write;
  • Listen to podcasts;
  • Spend time playing with the kids;
  • Spend some quiet time alone [no social media, no WhatsApp, no phone];
  • Exercise; or
  • Take a walk.



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