Access to quality education in Africa is expensive.

The FeesMustFall movement is an example of the frustration students have about high university fees.

Meet Gossy Ukanwoke from Nigeria.

Gossy runs Beni American University, Nigeria’s first online university.

BAU provides cost effective high quality online courses to thousands of student by connecting Technology and Education.

In Nigeria, nearly 2 million students try to gain admission into about half a million spots available about 141 accredited universities.

Due to the lack of space and affordable quality education, offering online courses will unlock and give access to thousands of students who cannot afford or access university education.

Since 2014, BAU has graduated over 8000 graduates, currently has 2000 students enrolled and it boasts a 70% completion rate.

The thing with doers is that they do, even if they risk failing, they just do.

Most of the things that we do have two possible outcomes. They might work or they might not. Being able to live with the possibility of either is essential if we are going to move forward.

Make something great. Not because it’s your job. Not because it will sell. Merely because you can. Rossy did.

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