Often we are told that many successful startups started from humble beginnings by starting a in a garage such Apple, Microsoft, Google.

In Africa, where having a house with a garage is a luxury.

In Nairobi, a garage is something most entrepreneurs don’t have.

Meet Dr Kamau Gachigi. He has spent a number of his years in Engineering working towards, not only having more engineers through lecturing, but also having engineers who make stuff.

He is the founder of Gearbox, a non-profit organization that provides members with access to modern machines for prototying and low volume manufacture.

Gearbox also does training and incubation and acceleration services in order to broaden access to manufacturing in Kenya.

I met Dr Gachigi recently at a TED conference. He was doing his talk there. Such an amazingly unassuming remarkably humble man.

Despite all his achievements, successes and after giving a great talk, what made an impression on me was his humility.

It is important to practice humility.

Good behavior flows naturally from humility.

Generally, you can be humble only if you feel really good about yourself and you want to help those around you feel really good about themselves, too.

When we see people acting in an abusive, arrogant, or demeaning manner toward others, their behavior almost always is a symptom of their lack of self-esteem. They need to put someone else down to feel good about themselves.

You can be humble only if you feel good about yourself.

Don’t worry about the level of individual prominence you have achieved, worry about the individuals you have helped become better people.


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