Start-ups drive the economy, providing jobs and consuming goods and services offered by other companies, so entrepreneurs are vital components of healthy economies.

As a result, we at LORA Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship are excited to announce that through the Peter Mamabolo Scholarship Fund, we have set aside financial aid aimed directly at entrepreneurs who want to acquire and improve their business skills.

Scholarship Award

LORA Centre will award scholarships worth R2,000.00 to 10 entrepreneurs for the 2019 year [Co-hort 4].

The scholarships will be awarded in the form of covering tuition for the 5 months New Venture Creation program which commences in January 2018. The entrepreneur covers the balance of the tuition.

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the 2019 scholarship is: Friday, 07 December 2018.

Due to the selective and competitive nature of the program, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early in the recruiting process.

Space is really limited.

Eligibility Requirements

You must be running your business full time to be eligible for the scholarship.

The LORA Centre classes are in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Class attendance is compulsory.

Preference will be given to students who demonstrate that they will attend the classes and those who apply early.


LORA Centre is an entrepreneurship environment that nurtures and inspires great entrepreneurs to think creatively and create innovative solutions.

For more information on the program, visit: LORA Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Attending students at LORA include freelancers, independent professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

What does the R2,000 scholarship mean?

The 5 months course fee for the program is R7,000.

The Peter Mamabolo Scholarship Fund will cover R2,000.00 to entrepreneurs and they will cover the balance of R5,000.

Payment arrangements may be made to pay R5,000 over 4 months, however registration of R1,000.00 is payable on registration on 18 January 2019]

To apply:

Send an email requesting application forms to: roche@loracentre.com

Closing date: Monday, 18 January 2019. 

Successful applicants will be notified within 2 days of submitting their applications.

Classes resume on  Saturday, 26 January 2019.

Only 10 scholarships are available, you are highly encouraged to apply early in the recruiting process.

Very important note

We give priority to early applicants who know they want to do the program and take the leap.

If you are eager to secure a spot in an upcoming session, the benefit for applying the first priority round is that:

(a) we give priority to applicants who apply early; and

(b) you get to find out your admissions decision within one week, earlier than everyone else.

We may fill up the 10 scholarship spots before the closing date. Apply early.

Again, the sooner you apply, the sooner we can review your application and see how it fits into our overall class.

What does LORA stand for?

Besides standing for a dream [lora]

It might stand for alternative method for becoming amazing…

But what we truly stand for is the posture of taking responsibility for creating work that matters.

We stand for speaking up, speaking out and listening, too.

We stand for embracing an informal process for growth instead of needing an authorized, accredited piece of paper to prove that you’ve somehow absorbed a bunch of data.

We stand for you, in the future, making a difference.

See you in class.


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  1. I’m in property development mortgage bond houses and rentals and construction including electric

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