Lower the expectations that you will find an easy way out.

Raise your expectations for what you can contribute.

Lower your expectations for how effective that next shortcut is going to be.

Raise your expectations about what technology can do for you if you patiently push it.

Lower your expectations about how an angry fight can help you win something you care about.

Raise your expectations for how much consistent daily action can transform your status quo.

Lower your expectations of doing work that will give you popularity

But raise your ability to seek and do work that really matters.

Level up. Everything I write about hinges on the idea that we are capable beings. Capable of making decisions, of taking responsibility, of raising and lowering our expectations.

As we move into a new year, today’s a perfect day (in many countries, a legal holiday) dedicated to thinking about levelling up, about what it means to make new choices about what we will do next.

That is why today is a good day to tell you that we have opened applications for the next co-hort of the New Venture Creation 6 months programme.

LORA Centre alumni run enterprise large and small, unknown and famous, but what what they all have in common is that they have made a choice.

They have acknowledged that they are capable of levelling up, and they have.

You will learn to see differently and more important, to help others take action.

It is your turn. I hope you will take a look before our deadline on Monday, 15 January.

Happy new year.

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