Is Marketing more needed when the product is bad?

If we think marketing is the wallpaper we put over a worn-out wall to make it look pretty enough to sell the house, then the answer is yes.

If we think that marketing is speaking truth to the engineers, the product developers, the customer service people so they would actually make it better, then the answer is yes.

In both cases, the answer is yes. But, this is not the best kind of marketing, even though it works, short-term.

The fact is Wikipedia, not a big marketing department, no business model, they are doing fine because the product market itself.

That is what it means to be a great marketer, to invent a product that is “the marketing”.

That is why we need marketing.

It is not about how you much noise you make to tweak up 2% sales, that is not the whole problem.

The genius work of marketing is to bring a voice into the production room that makes something that changes us, that changes our choices, that changes our dreams, that’s what we marketers do.

Marketers make change happen before production even starts.

Trying to market a product that’s ready for the market is too late, marketing starts with idea conceptualisation, design, look and feel, packaging etc.

Marketing should start even before the product is manufactured.

Kaizer Chiefs vs. Orlando Pirates, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Manchester Derbies are sold out even before the marketing of these games starts.


The product is the marketing.

Don’t think about marketing too late in the process, instead make marketing part of the product manufacturing, this is how to get to make the product the marketing.


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