Harvest demand or create it?

New Customers  - Green Pushpin on a Map Background

Most small businesses believe that they are too small to have an impact on the whole market, so they resort to picking the fruit that is already grown instead of planting their own seeds.

You see, it is far easier to wait until someone is ready to buy than it is to persuade them to buy.

It is easy to wait until demand is created by someone else, instead of you creating it.

Except the answer is not to poach demand at the last minute.

The answer is to redefine the market into something much smaller and more manageable.

The answer is to invest in creating a demand, a market, a customer.

You don’t need to persuade everyone that you have a great idea, you merely need to persuade one person. And then make it easy for that person to share.

A last-minute swipe of purchase intent is a tactical win.

It is not, however, a long-term way to build your organization.

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