The goal is not to get money from a VC, just as the goal is not to get into Harvard.

Those are stepping stones, filters that some successful people have made their way through.

Knowing popular or powerful people on first name basis does not mean much if knowing them does not result in you doing work that matters. Yeah sure, you know them, they know you, then what?

The real point of the exercise is to build an organization that does work that matters, that makes a difference.

I don’t care so much how much money you raised, or who you raised it from.

I care a lot about who your customers are and why [or if] they are happy.

Groupthink is almost always a sign of trouble, and it is particularly dangerous when it revolves around what gets funded, and why.

Getting funded is not the same as succeeding

Being friends with popular and powerful people is not the same is succeeding.

What difference are you making?

What difference is your business making?


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