There are two different types of hustle:

The one hustle is of always asking, of putting yourself out there, of looking for discounts, shortcuts and a faster way.

This is the hustle of what you don’t know won’t hurt you, of the ends justifying the means.

This hustle is about cutthroat, shrewd business, nothing personal but business.

This hustler propositions, pitches and works at all times to close a sale, right now.

This kind of hustler always wants more for less.

This kind of hustler will cut corners if it helps in getting picked.

and then,

There is the other hustle,

The reputable and respectable hustle which revolves around generosity and connection.

This hustle is actually difficult but effective.

It is difficult because it is the hustle of doing work that matters without seeking popularity.

It is effective because once you connect with people that matters, with the people who support your why, you will have clients or rather partners for a very long time.

This is the hustle of being more generous than you need to be, of speaking truthfully even if it delays the ultimate goal in the short run, and most of all, the hustle of being prepared, of not taking shortcuts, but of taking long term view and doing the work.

It is a shame that one approach is more common, while the other sits largely unused.


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