Pick your customers.

For you to pick your customers means you need to know what customer you are looking for.

Picking your cusotmers means you need to know that not every customer should be your customer.

Fire the ones that are wasting your time and effort because they not pushing you to do great work.

Yes, you get to choose them, not the other way around.

You choose them with your pricing, your content, your promotion, your outreach and your product line.

When choosing them, consider:

How much does this type of customer need you;

How difficult is this sort of person to find;

How difficult to reach;

How difficult is this sort of person in the first place;

How valuable is a customer like this one; and

and how demanding is this sort of person?

It is not a matter of who can benefit from what you sell. It is about choosing the customers you would like to have.

If you can make that commitment, then six months from now your client list will look different, you will not be working more hours, you will be making more money but more importantly you will be making a bigger difference.

I know it is hard to do, but every time I have done this on my career, I was glad I did it.

I have since learned that you don’t just accept who you find, you choose who to attract.

Just because they can be your customers, doesn’t mean they should.

As Seth Godin nicely puts it:

“Choose your customers, choose your future.”

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