…. and If I could remove one thing from the world and replace it with something else…. I would erase politics and put art in its place.

That way, art teachers would rule the world.

And since art is the most supreme form of love, beautiful colors and imagery would weave bridges for peace wherever there are walls.

Artists, who are naturally heart-driven, would decorate the world with their love, and in that love, poverty, hunger, lines of division, and wars would reduce from the earth forever.

Children of the earth would then be free to play, imagine, create, build and grow without bloodshed, terror and fear.

The problem started when we empowered politicians to be at the centre of handling the future of humanity.

As the Godfather, Don Vito Corleone said:

“I don’t trust society [politicians] to protect us, I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them.”

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