When we have done what we could to get a speaker to give a TEDx talk and they are still nervous and sometimes even have the thought of pulling out, we often encourage them by saying:

“This talk is not about you, it is about the millions of lives it will impact and change for the better. If you don’t give this talk, you are depriving millions of people, kids, sick people, the answer that will lead to a better life. Given the amount of hours you have put into getting yourself ready for this talk, you are the perfect person to give this talk.”

When we are nervous before talking to a group, the anxiety we feel makes the speech, the pitch, and the presentation about us.

It is not about us, it is about the content, the message, the reason everyone is there to listen.

It is for other people, delegates, learners, team, mentee to learn something through you.

It is for other people to grow, to heal, to regain strength, to realise and to re-imagine.

You are the vessel carrying the message, a perfect messenger to deliver the message.

Do your best, for them.

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