Stop worrying about how to get attention.
Start paying attention.

Stop craving for people to be interested in you.
Start being interested.

Stop seeing them as prospects.
Start connecting with them as humans.

Stop building walls that divides.
Start building bridges that connects.

Stop obsessing about creating awareness.
Start being more aware.

Stop making people want things.
Start making things people want.

Stop spending.
Start making with your hands.

Stop analysing the data.
Start seeing the people it represents.

Stop thinking about their advantage.
Start with your agency.

Stop being elitist.
Start mattering.

Stop talking more than you listen.
Start listening more than you talk.

Stop keeping score.
Start sharing.

Stop competing.
Start contributing.

Stop comparing.
Start noticing.

Stop doubting.
Start doing.

Stop striving.
Start caring.

Stop wondering about what’s next.
Start here and now.


Image by: Mikael Jonsson

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