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I love startups. Not only do they bring the promise of rapid growth and real change, but everything is up for grabs.

Through the past months, I have received requests to mentor entrepreneurs who just started their businesses or young professionals who want to start their businesses.

For the next 10 months (starting in February), I will be running a mentorship program for startups and those who want to be entrepreneurs.

The program is for:

  • Startup entrepreneurs who’s turnover is less than R250,000 per annum;
  • Professionals who want to leave their work and be entrepreneurs;
  • Entrepreneurs who need guidance on how to grow their businesses; and
  • Entrepreneurs who feel alone in this tough entrepreneurship journey.

The program is designed to mentor entrepreneurs and professionals who want to start and grow their businesses.

A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

How does the program works?

We meet once per month for 10 months.

The mentorship relationship is structured as we follow a process around your goals and objectives for the duration of the mentorship.

The program is limited to five entrepreneurs only. First come, first served.


The mentorship costs, terms and conditions will be sent on request (email:

How do people get involved?

If you want to be mentored, please send me an email ( and I will outline the process, the terms and conditions and the costs.

If you know someone who might benefit from this, please pass the word to them about it.

This program is not inexpensive, but starting a new business is not either. It is not for everyone, but I’m hoping to a find five entrepreneurs who want to deeply understand the strategic and marketing decisions that go into building a business that thrives.

Mentorship focus areas:

  1. The Startup Revolution
  2. Are you Freelancer or Entrepreneur?
  3. Adjusting the Course. Nature does not allow the vacuum
  4. Innovation, Creating Scarcity
  5. Appealing to Consumers
  6. Permission and Trust
  7. Raising Money and Cash Flow
  8. Advertising and Competitors
  9. Making Ideas Travel
  10. Compromising
  11. Tactics
  12. The Dip
  13. Building the Truth
  14. The DeliverIt Journal
  15. Distinct and Direct

Where will the mentorship sessions be?


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