Radipolelo Entrepreneurship Consulting


Radipolelo Entrepreneurship Consulting is a bespoke business advisory & consulting firm targeting entrepreneurs and SME networks/associations.

Radipolelo runs:

– Entrepreneurship trainings;
– Workshops;
– Entrepreneurship Research (State of Entrepreneurship);
– Public Speaking on Entrepreneurship related topics;
– Marketing and business plans;
– Signed financial statements;
– Mentorship and Coaching; and
– Conferences.

Radipolelo is also involved in entrepreneurship projects such as:

– Entrepreneurship Incubators;
– Advisory Board of Directors for SMEs
– Schools Entrepreneurship Camp; and
– Open Pitch Platform competition.

Where there is entrepreneurship development there is Radipolelo Entrepreneurship Consulting.

Contact us on:

Email: roche.mamabolo@gmail.com / roche.mamabolo@yahoo.com / vukasme@gmail.com
Facebook: Roche Mamabolo
Twitter: @radipolelos
Blog: roche.mamabolo.wordpress.com


7 Responses to Radipolelo Entrepreneurship Consulting

  1. Osias says:

    Can you please advise as where and when is the workshop goin to take place.

  2. Leonard says:

    I recently heard about your book mr Roche Mamabolo, kindly update me of any information concerning the book as soon as it hit the shelves in stores.

    Thank you in advance, Leonard

  3. Chantal says:

    Please contact me on 0611956724, want to set up a meeting with you? Regards, Chantal

  4. Gugulethu says:

    Hi…I actually need help with my business plan that I drafted as well as how to pitch for a business .

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