Roche Mamabolo is an author, blogger, entrepreneur, mentor and most of all, a teacher.

Roche is a founder of LORA Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship which has campuses in Johannesburg [South Africa and Gaborone [Botswana]. Roche started his career as an accountant, after completing his articles and worked for various consulting companies until he started his own entrepreneurship consultancy in 2006.

By focusing on everything from effective entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership, to the spread of ideas and changing everything, Roche has been able to motivate and inspire countless people around the country.

Roche holds a B.Com Accounting [Honours] degree, Diploma in Company Law, Higher Diploma in Taxation, MBA [Finance], Phd [Entrepreneurship].

Roche is executive chairman of Vuka Board of Advisors for Entrepreneurs.

Roche is a co-curator for TEDxGaborone [] and curating team for TEDxJohannesburg []

Roche is the author of an entrepreneurship book called: The Start-Up Revolution: Fit In or Stand Out. His next book: Letters to EntrepreneursLetters to Entrepreneurs will be released in the near future.

Roche has given two TEDx talks on entrepreneurship and innovation:



Roche has started several successful businesses and bankrupted several businesses as well. He holds investments in various small and medium sized entities in the entertainment, retail and hospitality.

Roche has done interviews on entrepreneurship and innovation on various national radio station in South Africa. Here is a link to some of the interviews: Podcasts.

The following are some of the short interviews Roche had on various entrepreneurship issues:

The StartUp Revolution Book TV interview:

#SONA2020 | SMEs look to SONA for the way forward

SME Toolkit for 2020

Talking about Small Businesses and Interest Rates.

Entrepreneurship experts answer questions on SMME’s

Global SMME Day | Q&A session with small business owners

Entrepreneurs concepts and ideas:

Is red tape inhibiting or helping entrepreneurs in South Africa?

SABC Interview on tips for family businesses

Expressing thoughts on the impact of Soweto businesses riots 2015:

Contact Details:


Twitter: @rochemamabolo


8 thoughts on “About Roche Mamabolo

  1. Interesting read: Focus on Strengths
    Don’t invest time shoring up non-character flaws at the exclusion of investing in your strengths. People operating from a position of strength enjoy a far lower rate of failure than those laboring in areas of weakness. You’re built to give your talents to the world; be diligent about finding expressions for them in your career.

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