The Start-Up Revolution: Fit In or Stand Out


The old rules: Go to school, get good grades. Do as you are told and you will be guaranteed a secured job. Don’t rock the boat and you will be safe for a long time. Innovation is not for everyone, entrepreneurship is not for everyone, it is for the chosen few.

The new rules: No one is going to pick you, pick yourself up. Keeping it safe is no longer safe. Challenging the status quo and asking difficult questions is what will keep you ahead. Innovation is for everyone, pushing the boundaries is what keeps you alive. Fear is not something to be shun, but it is something to be embraced.

The Industrial revolution of having a factory job is coming to an end. It is replaced by a new economy of connectness.

People who make change today are those who challenge the status-quo; those who see opportunities in the midst of chaos and those who are not afraid of failure, but are aware that failure is part of growth.

In the Start-up Revolution, doing what you are told is the new definition of laziness. This new laziness has nothing to do with physical labour and everything to do with fear.

If you are not going to start that business, make those sales calls, invest in innovation or push that insight, if you are sheep-walking your life, asking no questions, changing nothing, adding nothing new, you are not avoiding being lazy because you need physical rest. You are hiding out because you are afraid of expending emotional and mental labour.

In the connection economy, adding nothing new to the status-quo because of fear is the new definition of laziness.

In the Startup Revolution, you either fit in or stand out, you can’t do both. It’s up to you, and that’s part of the power that you have.

Start something that matters. Be part of the revolution. You don’t need permission.

The following is a short interview with SABC on The Start-Up Revolution:


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